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With SPI, you can always count on quality service and prompt responses!

SPI Security Services has been providing experienced security guards and superior process serving services since 1991. We are a female-owned and operated company.

As Fort Wayne’s largest security solutions service provider, SPI attributes its success to continually investing in security program design and support, offering above-average security guard officer wages, providing superior background screening, training, supervision, and the most responsive customer service in the industry. With us, you can always count on quality services and prompt responses (within the hour) to ensure your peace of mind.

Anita Wilkinson is the sole owner and operator of SPI Security Services in Fort Wayne, IN. Anita was interested in criminal justice from a young age and even started her degree at Indiana University in 1997. It was around that time that Anita had an opportunity to start her own security business. There was a local security company that was going under that was looking to sell their assets; two patrol cars, a small client list, and a computer. Anita took the risk and created SPI Security Solutions. All these years later, Anita has created a successful and highly renowned company serving the Fort Wayne community. 


Fort Wayne’s number 1 professional security solutions. 


SPI Security Solutions proceed services you can count on. 


When it comes to security solutions timing is everything. We deliver faster then our competitors. 

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

-henry ward beecher

Since 1991

SPI Security Services has been serving the Fort Wayne area with experienced security guards and superior process serving for over 20 years. Providing aid to all sorts of walks of life. Let SPI Security Services serve you today!

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